Castlebar  Town Marching Band, with An Taoiseach, Enda Kenny and

the Ministers for Foreign Affairs ,  Justice and  Defence.

Piper Mr Pat Conlon.


Historic Government Visit  to the Mayo Peace

Park, Garden of Remembrance 

Sunday the 22nd of February 2015.


Left to Right .

Minister for Foreign Affairs, Mr Charlie Flanagan, the Prime Minister,

An Taoiseach, Mr Enda Kenny, Mr Michael Feeney, MBE, Chairman,

Mayo Peace Park, Author of the book "Remembering Mayo's Fallen Heroes",

which were presented to the distinguished guests.  ( on the right )

Mr Simon Coveney, Minister for Defence  and Mrs Frances Fitzgerald,

Minister for Justice.


Lt Col Noel Byrne M.C. for the event. Michael Feeney, Chairman, An Taoiseach

with the Grandaughters of the late William Cosgrove, Dr Dermot Murray, President ,

Mr Ernie Sweeney, Flag Officer.

Mayo Peace Park and Garden of Remembrance  --
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An Taoiseach Enda Kenny and 3 Senior Government Ministers visit 

Mayo Peace Park,

Garden of Remembrance. Minister for Justice,

Frances Fitzgerald, Minister

for Defence,

Simon Coveney and Minister for

Foreign Affairs, Charlie Flanagan laid wreaths on Sunday,

22nd of February  







Other Confirmed  Events  for 2015. All are welcome.

Friday the 16th of January

World War One Exhibition in St Josephs Girls Secondary School, Castlebar.  Assistance  and

Support Rendered.

Friday the 6th of February.  Mayo Peace Park Lecture in Sligo.

Sunday the 22nd of February. Wreath Laying Ceremony.Irish Government Visit.  An Taoiseach,

Enda Kenny, Minister for Foreign Affairs, Mr Charlie Flanagan, Minister for Justice, Mrs Francis Fitzgerald, Minister for Defence, Mr Simon Coveney.

Saturday the 25th of April.

Anzac Day Wreath laying Ceremony with Australian Relatives. Small Event.

Saturday May 2nd.    Mayo Open Day Event

Ms. Johanna Blum, Germany, with   a   party of   45   people, will visit and take part in a private

ceremony. 10am  /  11am.

Thursday 7th of May.

Unveiling of a special memorial to mark the 100th Anniversary of the sinking of the

RMS Lusitania and the 10 Mayo  crew members who lost their lives.  We will  also mark 70th

Anniversary of the ending of World War Two.

Saturday 23rd of May.

Visit of three International Choirs at 10am – 12pm - 3pm.  With full ceremony and performances.

Tuesday the 26th of May.  Visit of a German School Educational Tour   (20 students.)  Dagmar Wennmacher. Baveria.

Saturday 6th of JuneCeremonial Visit of  St Eunon’s Brass Band from Omagh, in association with Castlebar Marching Band.   Wreath Laying in memory of all who died in the world wars,  in Omagh

and in Ireland.

Sunday 7th of June.  Bushmills / Ballymoney, Northern  Ireland , Mayo Peace  Park “ Proposed

Public Lecture .

Tuesday the 23rd of June, Large   (50 plus) Tour group from Wigan Parish, England, Ceremony & Wreath Laying.

Thursday the 2nd of July.

The Erlinger, Biersdorf and Hochstadt German Gospel choir will visit for a private wreath laying

ceremony as guests of the committee.

Saturday the 4th of July.     Mayo /  American  Independence Day.

American visitor’s from at home and abroad will take part in an special memorial unveiling

and wreath laying ceremony, in memory of Westport born Cpl Joseph A. Clancy, Vietnam War, followed by a 4th of  July,  buffet, with  musical entertainment. All are welcome.

We also have a large number of   groups and organisations planning visits, we are available as usual  available  to meet & greet them as well as all the relatives, organisations, hotel groups and guests

over the summer months.

October 2015Lecture and Event  for  a  Harlequin Hotel for an  International Group, details with

the hotel.

Sunday the 8th of November

Remembrance Sunday Mass in Claremorris.

Wednesday the 11th of November at 10.30am, Armistice Day Event at the Mayo Peace Park.

Photo .

Lt Col Noel Byrne M.C. Minister Charlie Flanagan, An Taoiseach, Minister Simon Coveney,

Minister Frances Fitzgerald.

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Latest News
Prestigious Visit

Prestigious Visit

Sunday the 22nd of February 2015, will go down as a very historic day in the history of the Mayo Peace Park.  

We had  a top level visit  from the Irish Government, led  by  the Irish Prime Minister, An Taoiseach  Mr Enda Kenny,  Mrs Francis Fitzgerald, the Irish Minister for Justice, Mr Simon Coveney, the Minister for Defence and Mr Charlie Flanagan the Minister for Foreign Affairs.

Fresh Floral Wreaths  were laid at the Garda Memorial by the Justice Minister and at the world war one memorial by the Ministers  for Defence and Foreign Affairs.

In what was a remarkable and  beautiful ceremony, An Taoiseach and the  three Ministers delivered excellent and very thought  provoking speech's on the value of world  peace, praising the committement and  sacrifice  of those who have served our country at home and abroad.



The Mayo Peace Park will host a number of prestigious events this year,  we are starting  next Sunday .

On Saturday the 25th of April we will gather to remember Anzac Day , we have some special visitors arriving from Australia to lay wreaths. 

On Thusday the  7th of May, we will mark the 70th  anniversaryof the ending of world war two and the 100th anniversary of the sinking of the RMS Lusitania off  the Irish coast, 1,198 lives were lost, including 10 Mayo born crew members.  We are unveiling a special memorial on the day.

We will have numerous family groups , association,  historical societies and school educational tours and international choirs visiting over the spring and summer months.

On Saturday the  4th of July, American Independance Day, we are inviting anyone with an interest to join with us as we unveil a memoral seat in memory of Cpl Joseph A. Clancy from Westport , a resident of Cook, county Illinois USA  who died in an aircrash during the Vietnam War.

This will be followed by a 4th of July  American Style  Barbecue with music and song. We would love to have the US/ Irish Community join with us  for what should be a memorable evening.



Events Update

We hope to mark the 100th  Anniversary of Anzac Day in the Mayo Peace Park on  the  25th  of   April.

We hope to mark the 100th Anniversary of  the  ending of  World War 2.

We hope to mark the 100th anniversary of the sinking of the Lusitania, on the 7th of May, an event that claimed the lives of a large number of Mayo people.

We are hosting an American Independence Day event on Saturday the 4th of July; this will be a major event.

We are unveiling a memorial seat in memory of Cpl Joseph A. Clancy  from Westport , who lived in Cook county Illinois, USA. Cpl Clancy died in an air crash during the Vietnam War.

We  are  holding an American Style Barbeque and music in Cox’s Bar, after the event.

We  have  three  German groups  visiting , in May, June & July as well as many choirs, and  other family groups.


Christmas Truce 1914

The Anniversary of Soldiers Christmas Truce of 1914, will be commemorated at 2.30pm, on Christmas Eve, in the Mayo Peace Park, Castlebar .  The programme will commence with  a novel football game  Germany v The Allied Army. Castlebar Marching Band and Piper Pat Conlon will entertain the troop's. A lovely selection of Christmas Carol's will be sung by a choir drawn from the ranks of the Men's Shed in Castlebar and St Josephs Girls Secondary School.  Everyone is invited to come along to join in the spirit of the occasion, around a specially recreated trench.